NET 2009 Presentations

2009 National Extension Tourism Conference
“The Tourism Connection: Sustaining People, Places, and Communities”

The Yarrow Resort Hotel and Conference Center, Park City, Utah 
June 14-17, 2009

Program Agenda at a Glance

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Program Agenda Powerpoints 
Sunday, June 14

Pre-Conference WorkshopApplications of GPS to Support Tourism Planning

Poster Session (PS)

  • Enhancing Rural Tourism Through Research and Innovation
  • Economic Impact of Tourism in the Northeastern Badia of Jordan
  • Recycling a Swine Production Unit into a Natural Resource Education Center—Turning a Sow’s Ear into Nature Based Tourism
  • Integrating Geospatial Tools to Support Tourism and Economic Development in the Rocky Knob Region, Virginia
  • Active Park Visits in Minnesota: Leisure Time Physical Activity, Motivations, and Constraints
  • Visitor-Artists/Artisans Interaction and Its Outcome for Events: Exploring Visitors’ Revisit Intention and Consumption Behavior at an Art Festival
  • Marketing Meat Goats in New Jersey
  • Impacts of Economic Sanctions on Tourists’ Accommodations and Travel in Iran
  • To Establish the Tourism Potential Assessment Method in Cultural Heritage Landscape: The Case of Danshuei, Fort San Domingo, and Surrounding Historical Buildings in Taiwan
  • Show Me the Money! Innovative Fundraising for Extension Programs
  • The Application of Policy Networks in Agritourism Research: A Case of the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Collaborating on Heritage Tourism in Humboldt County, California


Monday, June 15

Keynote Speaker I—Dr. Kelly Bricker 
The Partnership for Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria: Charting a Sustainable Future


Concurrent Sessions 1

A-Case Studies, Research, and Resources in Agritourism

B-Building Sustainable Tourism Development—Strategies and Green Practices

C-Cultural Heritage Tourism Resources Development

D-Tourism and Recreation—Participation, Visitor Impacts, and the Visual Environment

Concurrent Sessions 2

A-WORKSHOP: Tourism Marketing: How a Dramatic Increase in Funding… Life Elevated

B-Agritourism, Farmers’ Markets, and Innovative Initiatives to Promote Public Learning

C-Economic Impact of Tourism, Agritourism, and Wildlife Viewing

D-Rural Community Tourism and Hospitality Development

E-Sustainable Rural Tourism Development

Concurrent Sessions 3

A-Nature Tourism—It’s All about Birdwatching!

B-Regional Tourism Planning and Development

  • Bridging the Mighty Mississippi: Organizing a Regional Tourism Promotion Group in the Miss-Lou
  • Zion Canyon Corridor Futures Study
  • Integrating Geospatial Tools to Support Rural Tourism: Lessons from Rocky Knob, Virginia

C-Outdoor Recreation—Trails and Outfitters

D-Research in Agritourism


 Tuesday, June 16

Keynote Speaker II—Roger Brooks 
The New Age of Tourism: Is It Working for You?


Concurrent Sessions 4

A-WORKSHOP: Extension Programming for the Business of Nature

B-WORKSHOP: The Twenty Ingredients of an Outstanding Destination

C-WORKSHOP: Roadside Advertising in the Digital Age

D-WORKSHOP: The Reinvention Mindset: Creating Opportunities from Adversity

E-WORKSHOP: Considering the Needs of Visitors to Scenic Byways and Tourism Routes

Concurrent Sessions 5

A-WORKSHOP: Bootstrap Tourism: Developing a Tourism Industry from Scratch

B-WORKSHOP: The Art of Branding a Community

C-WORKSHOP: Implications of Climate Change for Tourism in North America

D-Statewide Tourism Programs—Training, Education, and Marketing


Wednesday, June 17

Keynote Speaker III—Dr. Dick Senese 
Tourism: Strengthening the Links


Concurrent Sessions 6

A-Hospitality and Customer Service Training

B-Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Research—Hosts, Guests, and Providers

C-Rural Tourism Development Initiatives—Alaska, Alberta, and Armenia

D-Agritourism—Heritage Festivals, Consumer Acceptance, and Consumer Preferences