NET 2013 Presentations

2013 NET Conference

 Presentations by Topical Areas

 Oral Presentations

Rural Tourism Development / Tourism in Resilient Committees:        

  • Building a Brand for Rural Tourism in Bibb County, Alabama
    • Matthew Hartzell
  • The Role of Tourism in the Resilient Communities: case study from Jordan
    • Ismaiel Abuamoud
  • Economic Impact of Tourism in Rural Van Wert County, Ohio
    • Nancy Bowen-Ellzey
  • Sustainable Tourism Development through Regional Collaboration: North Carolina’s Roanoke River Valley Region
    • Paige P. Schneider
  • Fostering Innovation in Rural Tourism through Good Governance and Engaged Entrepreneurs
    • Marion Joppe
  • Lessons from Successful Rural Heritage Tourism Programs
    • Jonathon Day

Community and Regional Planning and Development:

  • Multifunctionality and the Changing American Landscape: Implications for Destination Design and Stewardship
    • Todd Comen
  • Tourism: Anchor, Entrée or Cogwheel for Comprehensive Community Development?
    • Gail Vander Stoep
  • Successful Extension Partnerships in the Age of Metrics
    • Dan McCole

Economic, Environmental, and Social Impacts of Tourism and Recreation:

  • Examining the Implementation of Environmentally Sustainable Practices in the Utah Ski Industry: A Qualitative Study
    • Steven Burr
  • Economic and socio-cultural impacts of nature tourism in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas
    • Jingxian Jiang
  • The Economic Value of the Lake Erie Charter Sport Fishing Industry in Ohio
    • Joseph Lucente
  • Why a Chamber of Commerce and Tourism?
    • Sandy Mull
  • Small Business Success in the Big World of Tourism in Detroit
    • Anita Twardesky
  • Wellness Tourism and Economic Resilience: Increasing Quality of Life for Residents and Tourists
    • Sandra Sydnor

Agritourism – Local Foods, Farmers Markets, Culinary Tourism:

  • Beginning ventures in Culinary Tourism…A Taste of The Farm Event
    • Melinda Morgan-Stowell
  • Expanding Agritourism and Economic Development Opportunities in Utah
    • Susan Slocum

Heritage and Cultural Tourism: 

  • The Bear River Heritage Area—A Study of Heritage Visitors and Heritage Businesses and Artisans
    • Steven Burr
  • Utilizing Shipwrecks, Coastal Tourism and Maritime Heritage as an Economic Development and Water Resource Education and Outreach Tool
    • Joseph Lucente
  • Arts and Eats Rural Back Roads Tour
    • Ginger Hentz

Nature-Based Tourism: Ecotourism, Wildlife Enterprises, Adventure Tourism, Coastal Tourism:

  • Throwing Sand: The Silver Lake Story
    • Charles Nelson
  • New Partnerships Lead to Expansion of Nature-based Tourism in the Louisiana Delta
    • Dora Ann Hatch
  • Metro Detroit Coastal Tourism: Michigan Sea Grant’s Role in Nature-based Tourism in the Heart of the Industrial Revolution
    • Mary Bohling 
  • Discover Northeast Michigan: A collaborative approach in supporting sustainable coastal tourism development [not yet confirmed]
    • Brandon Schroeder
  • Ecotourism: alternative to rescue the natural and cultural heritage of The Royal Botanical Expedition of eighteenth century in Colombia
    • Jeffer Darío Buitrago Betancourt
  • Natural Resource Enterprise Opportunities for Private Landowners
    • Marina D’Abreau Denny
  • Placemaking H2O: Maximizing Waterways for Community Development
    • Nina Ignaczak
  • Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority Public Dock & Terminal [not yet confirmed]
    • John T. Kerr

Marketing and Promotion:

  • Nature Tourism Business Needs Assessments
    • Miles Phillips

Tourism Research and Evaluation:

  • “The Corn Maze of Development”: An Assessment of Tourism Extension Needs in North Carolina
    • Jennifer Iyengar
  • Why inappropriate tourist behaviors often observed among Chinese travelers
    • Chia-lun Tan

Tourism Education, Training, and Certification Programs:

  • Brevard County, FL Ecotourism Boating Program
    • Holly Abeels
  • Certification for Sustainable Transportation

    • David Kestenbaum
  • Developing a Degree Program in Agritourism—Lessons Learned from Year 1
    • Stacy Tomas


Economic, Environmental, and Social Impacts of Tourism and Recreation:

  •  Tourism as a Positive Force in Public Process/ Natural Resources Education
    • Anthony Nakazawa

Agritourism – Local Foods, Farmers Markets, Culinary Tourism   

  • Trends in wine tourism in the US
    • Don Holecek

Heritage and Cultural Tourism:

  • Programs and Resources for Heritage Tourism
    • Larry Dickerson


Poster Presentations:

Economic, Environmental, and Social Impacts of Tourism and Recreation:

  • The Economic Impact Analysis of the Lakeview Lodge
    • Hung-Ju Chien

Marketing and Promotion

  • Marketing Agritourism Online: A Guide for Operators
    • Glenn Muske

Tourism Education, Training, and Certification Programs

  • Texas Friendly: A Customer Service Program Model
    • Stephen Brueggerhoff

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